Engage with The Pillsbury Institute for Hospitality Entrepreneurship through the Connect Entrepreneurial Hotelies (CEH) Mentor Network.

The Connect Entrepreneurial Hotelies Network is a mentorship platform created to engage entrepreneurs at all states of ideation to drive innovation in the hospitality industry. CEH facilitates mentorship opportunities for alumni and students to support entrepreneurial career development in the industry while building and deepening relationships with the SHA community.

Mentors have the opportunity to make a difference in lives of fellow hotelies at all stages of the entrepreneurial lifecycle. With the SHA connection, the shared experience of being hotelies, and an interest in entrepreneurship, mentors are in a unique position to provide career guidance, educate mentees about unexplored avenues, and bring out untapped strengths. Working closely with mentees, mentors are required to commit 15 hours over the course of the year to CEH.

Mentees are able to shape their careers and make decisions with the counsel of mentors, who share similar backgrounds and experiences. Mentees can share their business ideas and entrepreneurial passion with hotelies who are experienced in driving innovation in the hospitality industry. Not only do mentees receive valuable guidance and practical advice, but they are also in a position to develop long-lasting relationships with their mentors and expand their network. Mentees are expected to complete a set of deliverables and actively communicate with their mentors. Mentees are required to commit 15 hours over the course of the year to CEH.

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